Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Lakers vs Mavs: Mavs defeat L.A. 94 - 80

So much for that 82-0 record. Well, at least 72-10 is still within reach for the Lakers.
OK, no one figured the Lakers would go undefeated this season, but no one thought they would lose their second game, either, a 94-80 beat-down last night by the Dallas Mavericks at Staples Center.
Now the Lakers and their fans see how hard it will to break the Chicago Bulls' NBA-best record of 72-10.
Friday was a night in which the Lakers' defense wasn't up to par. It was a night when their offense wasn't clicking. It was a night in which Kobe Bryant found himself surrounded by Dallas defenders.
It was a night in which the Lakers fell behind by 22 points before losing.
Bryant had 20 points, but he was just six-for-19 shooting from the field.
The Lakers made just 39.5% of their shots.
The Lakers got a look at the ugly side of Ron Artest in the third quarter,and they were just as ugly with their play in that quarter.

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