Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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Couple admits using five disabled Tanzanian children to beg for alms

Via Nation

A couple has admitted bringing disabled children from Tanzania into the country and using them to earn money by begging in city streets.

Mr Jisena Kulwa Dutu, a Tanzanian, and his Kenyan wife Josephine Mueni appeared before Makadara principal magistrate Terry Ngugi.

Accompanying the couple were the five paralysed children. A bag containing money in various denominations was also exhibited in court.

“Your honour police have brought before this court these unusual exhibits - distraught paralysed children and a bag containing the alms they had collected from good Samaritans. I wish to produce them before this court,” prosecutor Esther Ngure said.

Ms Ngure added that the cash in the bag amounted to Sh13,000.
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