Friday, August 6, 2010

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Michaele Salahi Claims Whoopi Goldberg Hit Her?

Michaele Salahi and the other cast members from The Real Housewives of DC were on The View yesterday to promote their show. Michaele started going off with another of those old crows about how they were catty toward each other. They really got off topic. So much, that Whoopi Goldberg
emerged from the back, touched Michaele lightly and asked her if they could get back to the White House. Apparently that made Michaele a bit livid, because after the show, she claimed that Whoopi had hit her.

Or something like that….

Whoopi got wind of the “hitting” lie and confronted Michaele after the show. She proceeded to drop a rambling slew of F-bombs toward the guest, whose husband tried to film on his BlackBerry. Now, their lawyer is claiming that Whoopi defamed and abused Michaele. Go figure. These famewhores will never learn.

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