Thursday, October 14, 2010

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Inside Story: T.I. Knew in His Heart He Needed to Save Suicidal Atlanta Man

What started off as any other day for T.I. ended with an emotional rescue as the rapper helped coax a suicidal Atlanta man off a ledge Wednesday.

After hearing about the man, who was contemplating jumping off the V103 radio station building, the rapper decided he needed to stop listening and do something.

"People were trying to talk to him and tell him to get down," the rapper, 30, whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., tells PEOPLE in a phone interview from the set of his new music video. "Something in my heart just said, 'You need to help.' At that point, I started calling people at the radio station."

But the radio station said the man was unresponsive to their pleas not to jump – so T.I. drove himself to the scene.

"I went down there and talked to a police officer and he sent me to the negotiator," the rapper says. "They told him I was there and he started responding a little bit."
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