Thursday, July 15, 2010

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Levi Johnston’s Sister: Mom ‘Very Upset’ Over Engagement To Bristol Palin

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Sherry Johnston shed tears when she learned that her son, Levi Johnston, was getting engaged to on-off girlfriend Bristol Palin.

However, they weren’t tears of joy.

In a blog entry titled “Who needs coffee when you wake up to find news this shocking,” Levi’s younger sister, Mercede, described her family’s outrage at having to find out about Levi’s upcoming nuptials from a magazine.

Mercede, 18, recounted how she woke up on Wednesday to find her mother, Sherry, with her laptop and a “beautiful picture of Levi, Brisol, and Tripp on the cover of US Weekly.” The magazine had reported the news of the couple’s engagement that same day.

“I looked up to see that my mom was upset, with tears running down her face, yet still trying to console my other family members who were texting her and sending messages via Facebook saying they were very upset that they had to find out about this engagement from the media and not from Levi himself. I sent a message telling them not to feel too badly since even his own mother and sister had to find out that way,” Mercede wrote.

Despite her family’s shock and dismay, Mercede took some time to reflect upon the situation and offer her brother some advice.

“I sure hope this is a sincere decision that you have thought through carefully Levi, and that it will bring you happiness,” she wrote.

Mercede also questioned the couple’s motives for getting married.
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