Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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Janet Jackson: Tyler Perry Was There for Me After Michael's Death

via people.com

Janet Jackson says film director Tyler Perry was a major source of support when her brother Michael died unexpectedly last June – repeatedly checking on her and even halting work on the movie they were making together.

"He actually stopped production and was there for me," Jackson, 43, told PEOPLE on Monday at the New York premiere of Perry's new film, Why Did I Get Married Too? "[He was] constantly calling me, making sure I was OK, making sure that there wasn't anything that I needed or my family needed."

He is "such a sweetheart," she added, "so giving and so loving."

Perry, 40, asked Jackson if she wanted to take a few weeks off, but in the end she returned to the Bahamas set the day after Michael's funeral. "Once I spoke to her and found out that she was at a place of strength and going to be with her family, I felt safe enough to know that she was going to be OK," he told PEOPLE.
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